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Even the Rich & Famous Are Not Immune from Being Unprepared

Shannen Doherty – Her cancer journey started in 2015 & reemerged in 2017. Last year, she gave an update on her health, revealing the cancer spread to her brain and bones. She said she “started going through her belongings to donate or sell antiques and other items she’s collected over the years.” She gave up on Her dream of a horse rescue because of how much it would cost… put her remaining things in a Uhaul & moved back to California to be with Her mother.


Introducing Baby Boomer Rescue: Your Guide to Thriving Beyond 65

As we age, our needs and priorities change, and so should our approach to healthcare and financial planning. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Baby Boomer Rescue (BBR), a comprehensive program specifically designed for individuals aged 59 to 70 who are navigating the complexities of aging. BBR isn’t just another Medicare supplement advisor; it’s a holistic approach to securing your health and wealth as you grow older.