protect your Castle & Nest Egg

Our Strategies Protect Health and Finance as early as age 59

  • Best Health Insurance & Medicare Strategies that will save you Money.
  • Create your $300,000 Medical Emergency Fund out of “Thin Air”.
  • Discover $1000 a month cash flow you didn’t even know You have access to.
  • Member clients access in-person lawyers: Trusts / wills / medical directives & more – to protect assets.

Allow our team of agents to customize a specific strategy for your ultimate goal to preserve your golden years and more!

Why settle for just any agent?
Our Baby Boomer Rescue Strategy provides
desperately needed protections that
“average agents” don’t even mention.
Almost always we can provide all this for little
or no additional premiums than the “other guy”.

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Act Now, Not Later


Many of us believe there's plenty of time to prepare for the future, but as my parents discovered, that isn't always the case. This harsh reality teaches us the importance of proactive planning and the need to act now, not later. By confronting the uncertainties of health and aging head-on, we can secure our peace of mind and maintain control over our life's narrative. Let's embrace preparedness, ensuring that we are ready for whatever comes next.

founder & CEO

Mark Deschenes

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Take a moment to watch this quick walkthrough video for a clear and concise overview of how Baby Boomer Rescue can help you navigate your healthcare and financial planning effectively. Get ready to discover the tools and strategies that will empower you to age with dignity and confidence!


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